A new regulation from the Ministry of Defense, Ordinance GM-MD No. 2794, May 16, 2022, ensures that entities that practice the Aeronautical Sector Taxation Rule (Rule) can benefit from reduced import taxes. The new regulation, which goes into effect this Wednesday (01), provides greater competitiveness within the national Defense Industrial Base.

This way, the Navy, Army and Air Force commands will no longer have to send lists of companies certified by them to the Ministry of Defense (MD), as previously foreseen.

The new process ensures an advantage to corporations that follow the Rule, reducing taxes from the information contained in the Aerospace Sector Company Catalogue (CESAER). The use of the catalog for this purpose standardizes and clarifies the criteria for access to the Rule’s benefits.

The proposal for process adaptation and improvement was elaborated by a team from the Department of Defense Financing and Economics (DEPFIN), of the Secretariat of Defense Products (SEPROD) of the Ministry of Defense (MD). The Taxation Rule for Aeronautical Products is an instrument foreseen by the resolution of the Executive Management Committee of the Foreign Trade Chamber (Gecex/Camex) and aims to reduce the import tax for aeronautical products and parts.

Minister of Defense is decorated with the Order of the Plateau of the FAB

The Minister of Defense, Paulo Sérgio Nogueira, was present at the celebration of the 81st anniversary of the Special Transport Group (GTE) of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), during the 28th Apronto do Planalto, on Tuesday (31), at the Brasília Air Base. At the occasion, the Chief of Staff was awarded the Order of the Plateau, Honor Grade, received by authorities and special guests who are awarded the “Honorary Plateau” designation.


The Order of the Plateau was instituted in 1993, to preserve the traditions and divulge the achievements of the Special Transport Group; to cultivate patriotism, ethical values, devotion to the military profession, and the strengthening of cohesion among the officers of the GTE; and to share experiences and teachings, aiming to improve, more and more, the cultural and technical standard. There is also the “Regular Grade” honor, dedicated to the Group’s officers, who also receive the “Plateau” title.

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