Among his tasks in the Institution, he was Assistant to the Minister of Aeronautics, Air Marshal Eduardo Gomes, who became Patron of the Brazilian Air Force

Agência Força Aérea, por Tenente Letícia Faria

After 75 years of dedication to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), on Thursday (June 2), retired Captain Arnaldo Jorge said goodbye to the daily life of the Office of the Commander of the Air Force (GABAER). The farewell ceremony, which took place at Espaço Força Aérea, in Brasília (DF), was presided by the Commander of the Brazilian Air Force, Lieutenant-Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, and was attended by General Officers of the High Command, as well as other military personnel from the Military Organizations of the Air Force Command (COMAER).

At 93 years of age, the Officer has worked for 57 years in the GABAER’s Human Resources Advisory (GC1). At the ceremony, the Captain’s family was present, as well as the military members of the section, who said goodbye, thanking him for the opportunity to work together, and wishing him good health and success.

During his speech, the FAB Commander highlighted the Captain’s personal attributes, such as humility, discretion, generosity, and proactivity in fulfilling demands. “Arnaldo, we will miss you a lot, but not your absence, because you are inside each one of us. This will always be your home, which you built for 75 years and came to Brasília still with clay, to accompany Minister Eduardo Gomes. Thank you very much, and there is no way, besides the emotion, to thank you for everything you did, for all the people you helped, for all the processes that were well instructed with your experience, your knowledge, and your simplicity. May he be happy with his family during these next pages of his life,” said the General Officer.

A friend from the barracks, Captain José Vellozo de Carvalho commented on the farewell. “A unique figure, simple, a friend and loyal. It is a privilege to live with him, because he is always ready, with his friendship, to help those who need his information and orientation. It is a good thing to have lived with him, and that is why I came here, full of joy and happiness, to embrace my friend on this day”, he adds.

For the Captain, the day was one of emotion. “It is a special moment for having spent all this time in the Brazilian Air Force without realizing that work absorbed all my time. It was an immense satisfaction to be here and solve the problems that presented themselves. I have always worked in the Cabinet and held various positions, but the main one was in the Personnel Department, where I accumulated positions as Head of the Garage, Secretary and Legal Counsel. In fact, I never took my foot off GC1. I think I accomplished the mission and it is better to leave like this, with this homage and with my heart prepared for new activities, than with the Brazilian flag on top”, says the Officer.

Captain Arnaldo’s military trajectory

Captain Arnaldo’s professional career is mixed up with FAB’s own history. After six years of existence, FAB received, at the age of 17, the young Arnaldo at the legendary Campos dos Afonsos, in Rio de Janeiros (RJ), when he started his military life. During his active duty period he was a Private, Corporal and, in 1957, he finished the Air Force Sergeants’ Course at the Aeronautics Specialists School (EEAR). He joined the Administration Board of the Air Force Officer Corps when, in 1964, he was declared an Officer Aspirant at the former Specialists and Infantry Guard Officer School, based in Curitiba (PR).

It was in 1965 that the then Lieutenant Arnaldo presented himself at the Office of the Minister of Aeronautics, still based in Rio de Janeiro. He fulfilled the relevant task of being Air Marshal Eduardo Gomes’ Assistant, who became FAB’s Patron. The headquarters of the Ministry of Aeronautics was transferred to Brasilia, in 1970, when the then Captain Arnaldo also started working in the federal capital. Besides his military career, the Officer was concerned with accumulating knowledge in the civilian environment when he graduated in Law and Business Administration.

Fotos: Sargento Bianca Viol / CECOMSAER

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