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The International Day of Peacekeepers, or International Peacekeepers’ Day, stands out for the public recognition of the performance of military and civilian personnel – still alive or deceased – during peace missions promoted by the United Nations (UN).

The date is celebrated this Sunday (29) and honors these Brazilian heroes who were present in conflicts that took place in several regions of the planet. The peacekeepers give up their family lives and travel to distant regions of their homelands to fulfill, with abnegation and dignity, the missions entrusted to them.

Participation – In the last 74 years, the Brazilian Armed Forces have been present in 60 peacekeeping missions, with the participation of more than 59 thousand soldiers. During this period, two missions coordinated by Brazil stand out, in particular the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, known as MINUSTAH, which lasted 13 years.

The other was the Maritime Task Force of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. Also commanded by a Brazilian, the mission counted on the continuous participation of ships, aircraft, and military from other nations in the inspection of about 14 thousand vessels. The objective was to prevent illegal weapons from entering Lebanese territory by sea.

Excellence – The Brazilian Joint Center for Peace Operations (CCOPAB) and the Naval Center for Peace Operations (COpPazNav) are reference institutions of the Ministry of Defense (MD) responsible for the training and specialization of peacekeeping soldiers and sailors. The Centers are internationally certified by the UN for their excellence in preparing human resources for the execution of missions. All the actions are aimed at military, police and civilian personnel, both Brazilian and from friendly nations.

Also known as “blue berets or blue helmets”, the Peacekeepers stand out for their total commitment to operations that promote world peace and security, besides ensuring basic rights to millions of people. And it is precisely in recognition of the commitment of the Brazilian military of the Armed Forces and Auxiliary Forces that the MD honors these unforgettable Brazilians.

International Day of Peacekeepers – Ministry of Defense Tribute 2022

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