The Minister of Defense, Paulo Sergio, received on Wednesday (25), a delegation from the Foreign Relations and National Defense Committee of the House of Representatives (CREDN – Comissão de Relações Exteriores e de Defesa Nacional da Câmara dos Deputados). On this occasion, they discussed the Minister’s participation in the Commission, during which the strategic projects of the Cabinet and the Armed Forces will be presented.

The meeting was attended by the President of CREDN, Deputy Pedro Vilela (PSDB-AL)*; and the 1st and 3rd Vice-Presidents of the Commission, Deputy José Rocha (União-BA)* and Deputy Luiz Carlos (PSDB-AP)*, respectively.

Also present were the Minister’s Military Special Advisors Air Brigadier Major Vincent Dang and Brigadier General Marcio de Souza Nunes Ribeiro, and the Special Advisor for Institutional Relations (Assessor Especial de Relações Institucionais – AERI-MD**), Air Brigadier R/1Arnaldo Silva Lima Filho***.

By Rayane Bueno (MD) – Photos: Antônio Oliveira


*PSDB and União are Brazilian political parties. The abbreviation next to the party represents which state of the union the deputy represents

**MD – Defense Ministry

*** The R1 military personnel form a group of officers and graduates who are transferred to the paid reserve. In practice, they become inactive, since they may be called up in the event of war. The age range to which they are subject to recall varies according to the Weapon, Staff, or Service to which the serviceman or woman belongs

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