The Ministry of Defense, through the Secretariat of Defense Products (SEPROD), has joined forces with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), in order to foster initiatives that promote greater autonomy and technological capacity for the Defense Industrial Base (BID). As a result of this synergy, the Ministries announced, on Thursday (02), a Call for Economic Subvention of R$ 120 million to select innovation projects focused on the sector.

The public selection is aimed at projects with the following themes: Defense Technology (TD) and Biological, Nuclear, Chemical, and Radiolocal Defense (DBNQR). The TD area is directed only to Strategic Defense Companies (EED) and Defense Companies (ED), with total resources of R$ 105 million. The DBNQR theme, on the other hand, has R$15 million, divided into projects ranging from R$3 million to R$5 million.

The DBNQR projects cover different themes, such as guidance; control and navigation with application in missiles, rockets and unmanned land, air and naval vehicles; propulsion with aspirated air for aerospace applications; high energy density materials for propellants and explosives; artificial intelligence and quantum technologies for use in cyber defense; radars and sensors with their respective processing and analysis technologies for naval, terrestrial, and aeronautical application; products for application in Defense aiming at ballistic protection, multispectral camouflage, stealth technology, and electromagnetic shielding; development of high performance national actuator for space, aeronautical, and maritime application; cognitive and software defined communications equipment.

The selection process must evaluate the degree of innovation; knowledge and experience of the company; impact; consistency and clarity of the proposals; technological risk; and participation of Science and Technology Institutes (ICT), smaller companies, and EEDs. The evaluation committee will be composed of advisors from the MD and the MCTI, the latter through the company Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos (FINEP).

Registration opens on June 7th and ends on July 18th. To access the announcement, click here.

*** Translated by DEFCONPress Team***

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