Brazilian military of the Peace Mission in Lebanon conclude preparation with the Spanish BrigadeBrazilian military of the Peace Mission in Lebanon conclude preparation with the Spanish Brigade

Almeria (Spain) – On October 29, the military personnel of the 17th Brazilian Contingent assigned to the Peacekeeping Mission in Lebanon – UNIFIL – concluded their preparation with the Spanish Foreign Legion Brigade, Brigade Rey Alfonso XIII.

In order to certify the troops to be deployed, the Spanish Army and its Ministry of Defense evaluated the conduct to be adopted by the Legionary Brigade in relation to possible incidents that could occur in the Area of Operations.

The Brazilian military, incorporated into the Brigade Staff of the 38th Spanish Contingent, acted in approximately 100 simulated military problems, contributing to the excellent performance of the “La Legion” Brigade. As a complement to the preparation, the Brazilian contingent participated in common instructions related to the UN and UNIFIL Eastern Sector norms, as well as instructions on first aid, sexual harassment prevention, intelligence and counter-intelligence, negotiation, cyber security, among others.

In order to mark the deployment of the contingent, the “Farewell Act” was held, a ceremony in which the military who will be deployed to Lebanon are bid farewell.

The graduation was attended by family members of the Brazilian contingent, Army Veteran General Francisco Carlos Modesto, coordinator of the Defense Integration System, Industry and Innovation Academy office in São Paulo/Brazilian Army Science and Technology Department, and the Defense and Army Attaché in the Kingdom of Spain, Colonel Tiaraju Kanomata de Mesquita.

Source: Defense and Army Attaché in Spain

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