Brazilian Army Captains participate in military activities of the Uruguayan National Army

Between October 31st and November 4th, the student-officers from the Escuela de Capacitación y Perfeccionamiento de Personal Superior de las Armas del Ejército carried out a staff planning exercise in the area of the Batallon de Infantería Mecanizado Nr 12, in Uruguay.

In addition to participating in the exercise, Captain Patrick Lomboni Rodrigues and Captain Marcus Vinicius Campos Siqueira, who are serving as instructors and students, respectively, in the Officer Training and Development Course, accompanied the visitation of museums and installations of secular military forts that are part of Uruguay’s military historical heritage, as part of the program of the course.

The participation of Brazilian military personnel in these activities, besides allowing the improvement of the staff, confirms the importance of the exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as consolidates the cooperation between the Armies, in compliance with their Strategic Objectives in the International Area.

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