Brazilian DoD clarification note: compensation of military personnel and pensioners

Brasília (DF), 11/08/2022- Regarding the articles reported by the media, this Thursday (11.8), which dealt with the remuneration of military personnel and pensioners, the Ministry of Defense clarifies that the amounts refer to monthly remuneration and specific indemnities and arrears.

These indemnities are related to the receipt of unused vacations throughout the career, or other rights, which are calculated when the military passes to the reserve.
It should be noted that the totals of individual values, mentioned in the articles, are incorrect, because they add up the simultaneous information from pay stubs and Bank Orders posted on the Transparency Portal.

It should be noted that the Armed Forces strictly comply with the legislation that governs the payment of its military and civil servants. The amounts are entered in the Transparency Portal and are subject to the supervision of the control agencies.

*Note: In Brazil the term Ministry of Defense is used for Department of Defense (DoD), with its abbreviation MD

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