ABIMDE receives Minister Paulo Alvim and authorities in celebration of the entity's 37th anniversaryABIMDE receives Minister Paulo Alvim and authorities in celebration of the entity's 37th anniversary

Brazilian Defense and Security Materials Industries Association celebrated its anniversary on Tuesday during a plenary session in São Paulo; Minister of Science, Technology and Innovations attended the event

ABIMDE (Brazilian Defense and Security Materials Industries Association) celebrated its 37 years of activities, completed this Tuesday (9), during a plenary session held at the Military Circle of São Paulo. The event was followed by a fraternization lunch with the presence of associates and guests.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of State of Science, Technology and Innovations, Paulo Alvim; the federal deputies representing the Commission on Foreign Relations and National Defense (CREDN), Perpétua Almeida and Luiz Philippe de Orleans e Bragança; authorities of the Armed Forces, the Security Forces and the Government, and representatives of partner institutions.

At the meeting’s opening, Minister Paulo Alvim spoke to the guests about ABIMDE’s important support and highlighted MCTI’s programs.

“The moment is to celebrate the advances made and also to expect the insertion of the National Defense and Security Industry in new markets, the strengthening of the national productive network, and a closer relationship between the government, with its various initiatives, and the business sector,” said Paulo Alvim.

Opening the plenary, the president of ABIMDE’s Board of Directors, Dr. Roberto Gallo, thanked everyone for their presence, congratulated the members of the entity and the associates, and stressed that advances in BIDS (Defense and Security Industrial Base) depend on the strengthening of joint actions for structural changes. “This is important so that the entrepreneur can, by his own merit, move from the idea to the generation of value for society,” said Dr. Gallo.

The executive president of ABIMDE, General Aderico Mattioli, highlighted the actions implemented by the entity in partnership with ApexBrasil, aiming to generate business opportunities through participation in national and international events. “All BIDS companies can count on the support of this renowned Agency”, said the General.

He also highlighted the importance of the Brazil BID Show for the projection of national Defense and Security companies and invited the members to participate in the 7th edition, which will take place between December 6th and 8th of this year, in Brasilia (DF).

During the plenary, the ABIMDE’s board of directors swore in its new Advisory Board, constituted by Federal Congressman Luiz Phillipe de Orleans e Bragança, the former Federal Police Chief José Mariano Beltrame, Colonel Roberto Guimarães de Carvalho, Professor Dr. Marcos José Barbieri Ferreira, Professor Peterson Ferreira da Silva, and the journalist Nelson During.

After a balance of the activities performed throughout the year, the Executive Director of ABIMDE, Colonel Armando Lemos, presented 13 new associates of the entity. They are: 2Advanced Technology, Advanced Technologies, Aegis Indústria e Comércio de Iluminação, Arresti Confecção e Comércio, Associação Brasileira de Gestão do Conhecimento – SBGC, Atlantis Technologies, CSA-Centro de Serviços Aeronáuticos, EBTS-Empresa Brasileira de Tecnologias e Sistemas, Edasim Brasil, Erma Tech, HexaIT, Nicoletti Consultoria, NRS Defence Solutions and Petrofort.

At the end of the plenary, Colonel Antonio Ribeiro, the new director of Projects of ABIMDE, presented to the associates the new proposals of the board for the integration of companies and promotion of BIDS. “ABIMDE’s doors are open to all members who wish to collaborate with ideas that can benefit the Defense and Security Industrial Base,” said the Colonel.

The meeting ended with a fraternization lunch, an opportunity for integration and closer relations among associated companies, institutions, and guests.

*** Translated by the DEFCONPress Team ***


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