Brazilian Armed Forces end joint training in Goiás with the participation of 3500 military personnel

The Minister of Defense accompanied, on Wednesday (10), an operational demonstration held in the Formosa Training Field (CIF), in the state of Goiás. The activity marks the end of Operation Formosa, which began on August 2nd, and included the participation of 3,500 military personnel from the Armed Forces, as well as aircraft, armored cars, vehicles, weapons and other equipment. This year’s edition included the participation of a detachment of the United States Marine Corps.

The exercise promotes the joint employment of Navy, Army, and Air Force troops. Coordinated by the Naval Force since 1988, it ensures the preparation of the Marine Corps (CFN – Brazil) as a strategic, ready-to-use, amphibious, and expeditionary force, capable of acting in the country and abroad. The most recent activities of the Marines highlight their participation in actions to ensure Law and Order (GLO) and to support the Civil Defense in emergency situations.

In the demonstration, the public observed the use of these means, as well as paratroopers infiltration activities; assembly of an Advanced Trauma Unit (ATU) with telemedicine; Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) decontamination station; and a mobile laboratory for chemical agent detection.

Photos: Hamilton Garcia – Special Press Office (Ascom) – Ministry of Defense – Brazil

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