Brazilian Army reinforces state presence in the Borderland Strip with Operation Ágata - Southern BorderBrazilian Army reinforces state presence in the Borderland Strip with Operation Ágata - Southern Border

For three days, the Army’s military personnel worked in coordination with federal, state, and municipal public security and inspection agencies, blockading and controlling roads and patrolling rivers.

This was the third time, in 2022, that Operation Ágata – Southern Border was carried out in Paraná. The Brazilian Navy and the Brazilian Air Force also cooperated with the actions. Already in the early hours of Monday (22), when the Operation began, the results started to appear with the seizure of 35 kg of drugs.

On the second day, the 30th Mechanized Infantry Battalion and the Federal Police Special Unit seized 675 boxes of cigarettes hidden in the bushes and in three cars, in Icaraíma/PR. The estimated value of the seizure is R$3.3 million. The cargo was forwarded to the Federal Police of Guaíra.

The 15th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, from Cascavel/PR, will count in the next days the result of the actions, which will be released later to the press. In the last inter-agency action, the losses to organized crime totaled more than R$10 million in seizures, especially cigarette packs (R$5,553,312.50) and marijuana, among illicit drugs (R$5,215,423.65).

The seizure of alcoholic beverages grew, totaling R$ 150 thousand in losses, according to the Operations Coordination Center of the Southern Military Command. In total, 17,590 inspections were made, among motorcycles, light vehicles, trucks, buses, vans and pedestrians.

In addition to suppressing the occurrence of cross-border crimes, such as drug and weapons trafficking, illegal mining, and other environmental crimes, Operation Ágata reinforces the State’s presence on the border strip and undertakes actions to raise awareness about the consequences of committing crimes, promoting a safe border for all.

The action of the Armed Forces, through preventive and repressive actions, in the fight against cross-border and environmental crimes in the borderland, in normal situations, is supported by the Supplementary Law no. 97, of June 9, 1999, amended by Supplementary Law no. 117, of September 2, 2004 and by Supplementary Law no. 136, of August 25, 2010.

*** Translated by the DEFCONPress team ***

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