In the period from May 21 to 26, the Coordination and Liaison Team of Exercise CORE 22 (Combined Operation and Rotation Exercises 22), headed by Colonel Alessandro Paiva de Pinho, of the Land Operations Command, accompanied the activities of Exercise ARATU VII, aimed at preparing the troops of the 12th Light Infantry Brigade (Aeromobile) for the combined training with the United States of America Army (USA), to take place in August, at the Joint Readiness and Training Center of the U.S. Army (JRTC), in Fort PoIk, Louisiana.

The Coordination and Liaison Team is intended to provide the best structure and support necessary for the troops of the 12th Light Infantry Brigade (Aeromobile). During ARATU VII, the team members participated in several events, such as the Post-Action Analysis of the missions carried out by the troops, the preparation of the aeromobile assault and the Royal Fraction Shooting Exercise. They also accompanied a committee of North American officers from the 2nd Battalion of the 506th Infantry Regiment (White Currahee) and from the North American Embassy, who were able to witness the training of the Brazilian personnel.

Exercise CORE is the result of a cooperation program signed between Brazil and the USA, which stipulates annual bilateral exercises until the year 2028. Through these activities, troops from both countries share combat experiences and exchange knowledge about doctrine, tactics, techniques, and operational procedures.

Source: : Comando de Operações Terrestres (COTER)

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