Brazilian Army delegation follows live simulation exercise in GermanyBrazilian Army delegation follows live simulation exercise in Germany

Letzlinger and Munster (Germany) – From November 14 to 18, a delegation of the Brazilian Army accompanied combat training exercises of German troops in the cities of Letzlinger and Munster, all with the purpose of knowing the methodology and processes of evaluation and certification of troops used in the Army of the friendly nation.

The delegation, composed of Colonel Alessandro Paiva de Pinho and Lieutenant Colonel Sergio Roberto Rosas Tarabossi, both from COTer, visited the Gefechtsübungzentrum (Combat Simulation Center), based in Letzlinger, considered the most modern combat simulation center in Europe, and the Schule gepanzerte Kampftruppen (School for Armored Combat Troops), based in Munster, where the delegation followed a live battalion-value troop simulation exercise in its planning, execution, and after-action analysis.

During the activity, data was shared regarding the troop certification methodology processes, the tactical engagement simulation devices (DSET) used in the German Army, and the Command and Control structures. This knowledge will contribute to the improvement of the training and certification process of the Land Force, in general, and of the Readiness System (SISPRON).

Source: Aditância do Exército e Aeronáutica na Alemanha

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