Brazilian Army conducts training with more than 400 soldiers in ParanáBrazilian Army conducts training with more than 400 soldiers in Paraná

Military personnel from Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Suriname, Senegal, Indonesia, Guyana and Paraguay also participate in the activities

The Officers Improvement School (EsAO), a Brazilian Army teaching establishment, located in Rio de Janeiro, has been in Ponta Grossa, in the southern Brazilian state of Paraná, since last Sunday (2).

The EsAO is a school for post-graduation of Army captains, who, after successfully completing the course, will be promoted to the ranks of Major and Lieutenant Colonel.

The school exercise has the participation of approximately 450 military personnel among instructors and students, with the highlight being the 21 military personnel from friendly nations, such as Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Suriname, Senegal, Indonesia, Guyana, and Paraguay, as well as members of the Brazilian Navy’s Marine Corps.

The activity, which was supported by the military organizations of the 5th Armored Cavalry Brigade, located in the city of Ponta Grossa, was fundamental for the end of the school year of these students, since it integrates all the knowledge obtained during almost two years of the course.

The instruction activities in the city end this Sunday (9th), and the SAO takes this opportunity to thank the population of Ponta Grossa and neighboring cities for the welcome and support received. “We especially want to recognize the Military Police of the State of Paraná (PM-PR), the Federal Highway Police (PRF), and the civilians who kindly gave up their properties to support this activity, which is so important for the Brazilian Army,” they emphasize in a press release.

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