Brazilian Army Commander follows up on the work of the military on the São Paulo coastBrazilian Army Commander follows up on the work of the military on the São Paulo coast

São Sebastião (SP) – On another day of actions on the northern coast of São Paulo, the Brazilian Army troop continues its interagency work with other government agencies to minimize the difficulties faced by the residents of São Sebastião after the storm that occurred between Saturday (18) and Sunday (19).

During a visit to the operations area, the Brazilian Army Commander, Army General Tomás Miguel Miné Ribeiro Paiva, rightly highlighted the good progress of the integrated work with other Forces and agencies to support the local population.

“This coordination (for the Army’s employment) was done with our Ministry of Defense. As soon as Sunday, we talked to the governor, as usually happens in these occasions. The orientation of the Federal Government is always to respond immediately. It is an effort of the federal, state and municipal levels: everybody acting synergistically to help in a moment of sadness like the one that happened here. And we offer all our solidarity. I am here to visit my troops that are on the ground,” explained General Tomás.

Afterwards, the general went to Barra do Sahy, on the southern coast of the municipality, and checked out the work of the military on the front lines. He also praised the readiness of the troops of the Southeast Military Command to meet this disaster demand with agility.

“I am proud to see the ability of our troops to respond quickly. Our troops, on a Carnival Sunday, in four and a half hours, were all on the ground, sad for what happened, but happy to be able to provide solidarity and help our population,” emphasized the Commander.

São Sebastião Operation

According to data from the National Center for Monitoring and Alerts of Natural Disasters (Cemaden) and the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the rains that hit the northern coast of São Paulo last weekend were the heaviest recorded in 24 hours in the country’s history. A few hours after the decree of public calamity was issued, troops from the Southeast Military Command moved into the region. At the moment, 450 soldiers are working to support the Civil Defense in the municipality of São Sebastião.

The Army has made available six Army Aviation aircraft, three HM-1 Pantera, two HM-4 Jaguar and one HM-3 Cougar, a SAR (search and rescue) team, as well as specialized vehicles and heavy engineering equipment.

“We are carrying out transport actions, both air and ground, of donations, the sick and wounded, and various logistical missions. In addition, we are helping in the clearing of roads with our Engineering, and in the security of the donation sites,” said Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Silva, from the 12th Light Infantry Brigade (Aeromobile).

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