Brazilian Army Aviation increases combat and defense capabilities with new dronesBrazilian Army Aviation increases combat and defense capabilities with new drones

Taubaté (SP) – Increasing combat and defense capacity, expanding intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition techniques are all provided by the small and efficient drones received and tested by the Army Aviation (AvEx) in November. The Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) categories 0 and 1 will support the Land Force throughout the national territory in surveillance, security and border monitoring operations, minimizing risks and exposure of military personnel in combat, besides reducing costs.

We received 30 units of the category 0 model Mavic 2. They have a built-in dual camera with 32 times zoom, thermal vision sensor, which allows the target to be detected even in low light, 31 minutes autonomy and a range of 10 kilometers.

The Matrice 300 RTK model will be used by the Army Aviation for doctrinal experiments. The 4 units received have the Zenmuse H20T camera, with 200 times zoom and thermal vision function, besides a range of 15 kilometers and 50 minutes autonomy.

“The RPASs are equipped with very capable cameras, which can, for example, give the relative direction of the object and focus on a possible target, being able to tell in degrees what this direction is. The rangefinder is also sufficient to guide an artillery shot. In addition, the RPAS has thermal vision, which in low-light situations, can clearly locate and indicate a target, such as a camouflaged person trying to hide at night,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Pelinsari.

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