Another Operation ENCORE activity is carried outAnother Operation ENCORE activity is carried out

Resende (RJ) – On November 30, another activity of Operation ENCORE, the last stage of the certification of the Readiness Force (FORPRON) of the School Units Group – 9th Motorized Infantry Brigade (GUES – 9th Bda Inf Mtz) took place at the Training Field of the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras.

In the live simulation phase, in which all actions are carried out with maximum combat realism, with the support of the East Training Center (CA Leste), the military participated in a simulation of an enemy attack on the defensive position.

At the forward edge of the Forward Defense Area were the troops of the War Task Force with their positions organized for the defense of that position. And then counterattack rehearsals were conducted with mechanized forces to re-establish the position. In addition to this activity, the Combat Fires function performed regulation firing and over zone firing with M101 105 AE shell.

The FORPRON certification ended on December 2, with the completion of an After Action Analysis. From then on, the Ninth of War is certified and ready to act in all of the Brazilian Army’s constitutional missions.

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