Brazilian army artillerymen execute a series of shots during a field exerciseBrazilian army artillerymen execute a series of shots during a field exercise

Natal (RN) – Military personnel from the reserve officer training courses, combat sergeants and temporary sergeants participated in Operation Punaú 2022, which mobilized all the artillery subsystems in the 17th Field Artillery Group, on July 19 and 20. The operation concluded the Individual Qualification Instruction phase of the military personnel incorporated this year.

The exercises were carried out in the Field of Instruction of Punaú (RN), and involved all the artillery subsystems: Firing Station, Line of Fire, Topography and Communications. The operation ended with a firing school, with the firing of 56 artillery shots, using eight howitzers from the 1st and 2nd Batteries, along with 60mm mortar shots, by the 16th Motorized Infantry Battalion.

The Commander of the 7th Motorized Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Carlos José Rocha Lima, accompanied the activity.

Source: 17th Field Artillery Group

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