Brazilian Armed Forces begin the actions of Operation Ágata on Brazil's western borderBrazilian Armed Forces begin the actions of Operation Ágata on Brazil's western border

The Armed Forces began the activities of Operation Agata Joint Operation West 2022 to combat cross-border crimes in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. About 4,000 military personnel from the Armed Forces are employed in monitoring actions, such as inspections, searches and patrols, and in setting up blockade posts.

The activities began on July 18, with technical meetings between the agencies involved, including a visit to the border strip. The technical and tactical operational employment, with surveillance and intelligence actions, aims to prevent and repress the action of criminals on the Brazilian border, along the entire maritime coast.

The activities are focused on combating crimes such as smuggling, embezzlement, drug trafficking and illegal mining, and also promote the preservation of the environment.

Paraguay Cooperation – For the first time, foreign authorities from Paraguay acted in a coordinated way with Brazil in the fight against cross-border crimes. The presence of the neighboring nation strengthens the bonds of cooperation between the countries and parallel actions on both borders.

Ágata – Created in 2011, Operation Ágata is coordinated by the Ministry of Defense, through the Armed Forces, and is executed in partnership with public security and inspection agencies (federal, state and municipal). In addition to crime-fighting activities, the military personnel carry out civic-social actions, offering the population medical and dental care.

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