ssistant Command Sergeant meet in Brasiliassistant Command Sergeant meet in Brasilia

Brasília (DF) – The Planalto Military Command (CMP) held, on November 8th and 9th, the 4th phase of the program “Assistant Command Sergeant¹: Past, Present and Future, which aims to understand and produce knowledge about the performance of the position of the assistant command sergeant in the Brazilian Army, in order to promote a reflection on their attributions today, as well as to debate and build future projections related to their presence and relevance in the routines of military organizations.

The event was attended by all sergeants assistant commanders of military organizations directly subordinated to the Planalto Military Command (CMP) and related military organizations, assistant commanders of the Brasilia garrison, including the Assistant Commandant of the Army Commander, Sub-Lieutenant Donato, as well as Sub-Major Officers of the Brazilian Navy and the Graduate-Master of the Brazilian Air Force, who exercise similar functions to the assistant commandant in their respective Forces.

During the closing of the activity, the Planalto Military Commander, Division General Gustavo Henrique Dutra de Menezes, handed out a copy of the Sergeant Max Wolf Filho saber to each military organization participating in the program. The symbolic object will be under the guard of the deputy commanders.

“This saber represents the courage, self-denial, and discipline demonstrated by our heroes of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, especially Sergeant Max Wolf Filho. It is this spirit that we want to cultivate, keeping alive the values and traditions of the Brazilian Army,” said CMP’s Assistant Commandant, Sergeant Raphael Henrique Estevão.

– The position of Assistant Commandant will be held by a Sub-Lieutenant (ST) or First Sergeant (1º Sgt) with distinguished leadership among their peers, with recognized professional competence and exemplary personal conduct.
– The Assistant Commandant will be part of the Military Organization’s (OM) Special Staff and the position must be included in the OM’s Planned Position Chart (PCF).
– In the United States Army it is similar to the position of E-9 Command Sergeant Major – Noncommissioned Officer – U.S. Army Ranks

Source: Planalto Military Command

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