Arquus at IDEX 2023: At the tip of the spear!

Supporting the armies in their new challenges

Major supplier of the French Army and partner to several governmental forces in the Middle
East, Arquus (formerly known as Renault Trucks Defense, ACMAT and Panhard) is exhibiting
at IDEX 2023 trade show in Abu Dhabi.

On the occasion, Arquus is proudly presenting its Fortress Mk2 APC in an anti-tank configuration,
as well as its new VBL Mk3 light armored vehicle, both presented in this press file.

Arquus also presents a VBL Ultima, the latest standard for the famous Panhard VBL, developed for
the French Army, and which could be offered to current VBL club members worldwide.

Arquus will also be discussing international cooperation with its industrial partners in the Gulf region.
To illustrate these partnerships, several other vehicles are presented on other booths, also listed in
this document. Such vehicles include the 6×6 Jaguar combat vehicle, developed with Nexter and

Expert of land mobility solutions, Arquus also offers 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles for all missions, as well
as a complete range of drivelines and other components.

Thanks to its R&D centers and support from the Volvo Group, the company has developed numerous
innovations on own equity. These innovations include the fields of energy, architecture and
automation. To optimize the uptime of its vehicles, Arquus is able to offer innovative tools like HUMS,
virtual reality training or additive manufacturing. Arquus offers a range of innovative associated
services, including the supply of spare parts, a range of maintenance services, specific financing
solutions and training.

Support is a mainstay of Arquus philosophy. Providing in-service vehicle support for its customers’
armored vehicles is a priority for Arquus whose offering covers all their requirements during their
whole lifecycle.

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