Army Evaluation Center conducts operational training at REMAN Manual TowerArmy Evaluation Center conducts operational training at REMAN Manual Tower

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – The Army Assessment Center (CAEx) – “Campo de Provas da Marambaia/ 1948” held, from November 4 to 8, the operational training of military personnel in the REMAN Manual Tower. The equipment is an armored weapons station, designed by the company ARES Aerospace and Defense, capable of operating with a .50 machine gun (Mtr .50) or a 7.62 Mag machine gun (Mtr Mag 7.62), to equip the Guarani 6×6 Medium Armored Personnel Carrier (VBTP-MSR), in the scope of the Army Strategic Program (Prg EE) GUARANI.

The activity was attended by engineers and technicians from CAEx, the company ARES and military personnel from the 15th Mechanized Cavalry Regiment, who were trained and qualified in the handling of the material of military employment (MEM), in preparation for the operational evaluation of the MEM.

Operation and maintenance instructions were carried out, with shooting with the Mtr .50, at distances of 500 and 700 meters, and shooting with the Mtr Mag 7.62mm, at distances of 200 to 500 meters.

The project is a relevant participation of the Army Science, Technology and Innovation System and the Defense and Security Industrial Base in the modernization and operationalization process of the Land Force.

Source: CAEx

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