On June 15, the Army Artillery Command (Cmdo Art Ex), received the first official visit of the Military Commander of the Planalto¹, Division General Gustavo Henrique Dutra de Menezes. General Dutra received the expected military honors and participated in the graduation ceremony in the courtyard of the 16th Missile and Rocket Group. In his words, the CMP Commander highlighted the enthusiasm shown by the troop and emphasized that the Army Artillery Command is a center of excellence of the Land Force.

Soon after, he received the presentation of the commanders of directly subordinated military organizations and the Staff Officers of the Cmdo Art Ex. Next, the Army Artillery Commander, Brigadier General Moises da Paixão Júnior, gave a lecture about the activities developed by this Great Artillery Command.

Afterwards, the Military Commander of the Planalto presented his command guidelines to the members of Fort Santa Barbara and visited the facilities of the Missile and Rocket Logistics Center.

Finally, General Dutra visited the 1st Battery of the 6th Missile and Rocket Group and checked the “Operational Readiness” of this Specialized Module of the Readiness Forces; inspected the maintenance of the vehicles of the 2nd Battery of the 16th Missile and Rocket Group; and visited the headquarters of the Bonsucesso Farm.

Source: Cmdo Art Ex – Photos: 2° Sgt Reis

¹The Planalto Military Command is one of Brazil’s Area Military Commands. It is located in Brasilia, and is the Command of the 11th Military Region, which comprises the Federal District and the states of Goiás and Tocantins and the Triângulo Mineiro region. The Triângulo Mineiro is one of the ten planning regions of the state of Minas Gerais, in southeastern Brazil. It is located between the Grande and Paranaíba rivers, which form the Paraná River.

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