Armored Task Force participates in "Exercise Niederauer"Armored Task Force participates in "Exercise Niederauer"

Santa Maria (RS) – On November 22 and 23, the 1st Armored Car Regiment Task Force (FT SU Bld 1st RCC), an organic unit of the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade (6th Bda Inf Bld), participated in Exercise Niederauer, at the 1st Combat Car Regiment (1st RCC) and at the Santa Maria Training Camp (CISM).

The FT was composed of a Squadron of Combat Cars reinforced by a Platoon of Armored Marines from the 29th Armored Infantry Battalion (29th BIB). This exercise allowed the members of this Task Force to update their knowledge about Operations Order, Operations Limit, planning techniques, Observation Post exercise, Synchronization Matrix, and Order Issuing.

The activity had the objective of maintaining the levels of training achieved during the Certification of the 6th Brigade, “Brigada Niederauer”, as a Major Unit of the Brazilian Army Readiness System.

Vanguardeiro¹ Regiment receives members of the Paratrooper Forerunners Company

On November 22nd, the 1st Regiment of Combat Cars (1º RCC) received the visit of members of the Company of Paratroopers, from the City of Rio de Janeiro. This activity allowed the visitors to know in detail the various simulators used in the certification of the Leopard 1 A5 BR armored combat vehicle garrisons, as well as the work developed by the soldiers of the “Vanguardeiro Regiment” who are part of the Unit’s Armored Training Section.

¹Vanguardeiro – who or who marches in the vanguard, spearhead

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