Armored Cavalry exercises to guarantee law and order in Campo GrandeArmored Cavalry exercises to guarantee law and order in Campo Grande

Soldiers from the 20th Armored Cavalry Regiment undertook Operation Reconquista, with emphasis on the use of troops in Law and Order Operations. The exercise is part of the Advanced Training Program of the 4th Mechanized Cavalry Brigade, carried out during the week of July 4th to 8th.

After issuing orders, the Task Force held an Operational Readiness, initiating the marching order situation. From then on, the missions of the event matrix were transmitted by fragmentary orders, according to the evolution of the situation. Static security posts, roadblock and security posts, reconnaissance operations, and ostensive patrols were carried out at strategic points in the municipality, such as power stations, water supply stations, Embrapa facilities, the Compression Station for the Brazil-Bolivia gas pipeline, TAG Distribuidora de Combustíveis, and the Campo Grande Military Officers’ Village. Investments were also made in locality and search and seizure operations in the battalion’s locality combat track and in the Assalt WarZone combat track.

The exercise also allowed the fractions to train in disturbance control operations. Finally, a civic-social action was carried out at the Professora Eulália Neto Lessa Municipal School, closing the exercise matrix.

Source: 20th Armored Cavalry Regiment – Credit: ST Irajara

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