Armed Forces parade in commemoration of the 200 years of Brazil's independenceArmed Forces parade in commemoration of the 200 years of Brazil's independence

By Mariana Alvarenga

Held this Wednesday morning at the Esplanade of the Ministries, in Brasilia, the civic-military September 7th parade was specially commemorated for celebrating the 200 years of Brazil’s Independence.

The Minister of Defense honored the solemnity next to the President and Vice-President of the Republic. The Commanders of the Armed Forces, among other civilian and military authorities, were also present at the ceremony, full of symbols in honor of the Homeland.

Since early in the morning, the public filled the stands installed at the Ministry Esplanade for the parade. Those who couldn’t watch it up close watched the celebration on a big screen installed on the site.

Colors – The event included the traditional parade of military troops, school students, armored vehicles and aircraft. Planes from the Air Demonstration Squadron (EDA) of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), better known as the Smoke Squadron, spread the colors of the Brazilian flag in the sky of the capital.

About 3.1 thousand military personnel were present, approximately 600 from the Navy, 2 thousand from the Army, and 500 from the Air Force. The Armed Forces vehicles that are part of the Strategic Projects of National Defense were also highlighted. Among them, the Navy’s Amphibious Caterpillar Cars (Clanf); the Guarani, the Army’s armored car; and the FAB’s KC-390 transport plane.

At the opening ceremony, the Fumaça Squadron wrote “200 years of Independence” in the skies of Brasilia. Olympic athletes showed the determination and strength of Brazil’s athletes.

Pracinhas – Militants who fought in World War II, former members of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB), were one of the highlights of the event. A heroic Marine Platoon leader in the decisive Conquest of Montese, in Italy, Colonel Nestor da Silva, paraded at the height of his 105 years. Next, vehicles from the Old Friends of War Collectors Association, from the Federal District, members of the Brazilian Ex-Combatants Association who served in the defense of our territory, passed by the runway. A choir of 90 students from the Military School of Brasília sang the National Anthem, the Anthem to the Flag and the Prayer to the Homeland. This year marks 42 years since women joined the Navy, 30 years since women joined the Army, and 40 years since women joined the Air Force. To celebrate this achievement, female groups from each Force paraded.

Women – The first military woman, the fighter from Bahia, Maria Quitéria de Jesus, played a key role in the success of independence when she joined the Armed Forces and fought against the Portuguese, in 1822. The soldier gave her name to the Army’s first female class, in 1992.

At the end of the parade, the torch, which carries the homeland’s symbolic fire, was extinguished. The torch, which is a kind of torch, was lit in the Homeland pyre on September 1st and transferred to all Brazilian municipalities. This moment marked the beginning of the Independence celebrations. Simultaneously, all over the country, a nationwide Fireworks race was held.

In Rio de Janeiro, in the afternoon, the celebrations counted, once again, with the presence of the President of the Republic and the Minister of Defense, besides other civil and military authorities.

Photos: Igor Soares and Hamilton Garcia – Special Advisory of Social Communication (Ascom)
Ministry of Defense *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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