Special Message from the Brazilian Minister of Defense allusive to September 7thSpecial Message from the Brazilian Minister of Defense allusive to September 7th

Brasília (DF) – In this year in which the Bicentennial of Independence is celebrated, check out the special message from the Minister of Defense alluding to September 7th.

– “As we celebrate two hundred years of Brazil’s Independence, we recall the challenges and achievements that led the country to be strong, free, sovereign and respected in the community of nations.

The fearless act of the young Prince Dom Pedro, on the banks of the Ipiranga stream, flanked by cavalry soldiers, the Dragons of Independence, today the 1st Cavalry Regiment of Guards, here in Brasilia, reflects, in our days, the vigor and determination of the Brazilian people. In the historic cry of Ipiranga, the sobriety and courage of a leader unleashed the inevitable destiny of greatness of our Nation.

It has been two centuries in which our forefathers dedicated themselves, with determination, to overcome adversities in favor of freedom and the search for the well-being of our people. In these two hundred years, our country has evolved socioeconomically and developed, reaching a position as an important global player. Thus, it has achieved better conditions for its People, pointing towards a great future.

In this process, the Armed Forces have been a mainstay of Brazil’s existence. Battles have been fought on home soil and abroad. Battles have been won; objectives conquered; national unity and integrity preserved; and freedom and democracy defended. The Navy, Army, and Air Force are fundamental participants in the construction of our nationality and are united, indissolubly, with the Brazilian people, from whom they receive the permanent and unshakable trust.

Today’s Brazilians, both civilian and military, honor and welcome the cry of the Ipiranga, ratifying its patriotic expression and reinforcing the sacrifice dedicated by many other heroes who, as on September 7th, 1822, answered the call of the Homeland and placed themselves at its service.

Proud of the rich history of courage, courage and resilience of our People, the Ministry of Defense joins all Brazilians in celebrating the Bicentennial of Brazilian Independence, joining hands in building a legacy of peace, prosperity and happiness for future generations.

Long live our Independence! Honors to Emperor Dom Pedro I, who made us a free nation! Eternal blessings to Brazilians! Glory to our beloved Brazil!

Paulo Sérgio Nogueira de Oliveira
Minister of Defense

Changing of the Flag attracts public and reinforces celebrations of the Bicentennial of Independence

The ceremony to replace the National Flag, that took place this Sunday (4th), starting at 10 a.m., at the Três Poderes Square, in Brasília, was special. The presence of many people at the ceremony reinforced the celebrations for the Bicentennial of Brazil’s Independence, also celebrated this year. Next Wednesday (7th), the Esplanade of the Ministries will be the stage for the biggest national event, which is the civic-military September 7th parade.

The President of the Republic, the Minister of Defense and several authorities participated in the event. Students from public schools, military personnel, tourists’ families and Brasilienses took advantage of the sunny day to enjoy the festivities. The Brazilian Navy promoted the replacement, which is held once a month, in rotation between the Armed Forces and the Government of the Federal District (GDF).

Among the highlights of the presentations, the Marines Martial Band played Aquarela do Brasil, by Ari Barroso, one of the most traditional songs in the country, which exalts the homeland and the symbols of the national culture. While performing the piece, the band members positioned themselves in a way to form the word “Brazil”. The farthest audience could observe everything on a big screen.

Special Advisory of Social Communication (Ascom) -Ministry of Defense *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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