AKAER presents its new technologies at INDO DEFENCE 2022AKAER presents its new technologies at INDO DEFENCE 2022

The company will demonstrate its portfolio, highlighting UAS solutions, such as the Albatross, and modernization capabilities for aircraft and combat vehicles

Between November 2 and 5, 2022, the Brazilian company Akaer will participate in the Indo Defense Expo & Forum, considered the largest defense fair in Southeast Asia and one of the most relevant in the sector worldwide. Held simultaneously with Indo Aerospace Expo & Forum and Indo Marine Expo & Forum, the exhibition will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia. In its last edition in 2018, it received more than 30,000 visitors, including 217 foreign delegations.

“Always keeping an eye on domestic and international market trends, Akaer marks its presence in important fairs to demonstrate its technological capabilities, foster business and stay abreast of the novelties and demands of the segment,” says Aldo da Silva Junior, Akaer’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

At Indo Defense, the highlights of the company will be the modernization program for armored combat vehicles “Cascavel”, the Albatross – UAS project for land and naval reconnaissance, which can be configured for other types of missions, and the capacity of aircraft modernizations and modifications. “We are prepared to provide solutions for air or ground platforms, covering the entire development cycle, from conception, design, systems integration, testing and certification,” states Aldo.

Combat Vehicle Modernization

The company shows its capabilities for modernizing armored vehicles, increasing the useful life of the vehicles and the combat force. Among the possible modernization packages, the most important are the implementation of a new motorization, revitalization of the suspension, installation of automated control towers to improve situational awareness, replacement of the optical sights with last-generation optronics for searching and aiming targets, and installation of anti-tank missile launchers.

We highlight the possibility of installing modern shooting computers to perform all ballistic calculations and another command and control computer that will analyze in real time the environmental parameters that may interfere in the execution of missions. Recently, Akaer won the tender opened by the Brazilian Army to upgrade the armored vehicle Cascavel. The program is already underway.


Another capability presented by Akaer is the “Albatross” UAS for land and naval reconnaissance, which can also be used for other purposes such as ground attack. The platform has large internal compartments which, added to its hard points, make it possible to carry a useful load that can be composed of sensors and attack systems. Through its innovative design and great flight autonomy, this system stays for many hours over the area of operation, fully meeting the multiple needs of its operator.

Aircraft Modification and Modernization

The company exposes its capacity for developing aircraft modifications – changes in structures, primary mechanisms, new interiors, and installation of equipment and systems. All these activities are fully applicable to commercial, VIP and military aircraft, both rotary and fixed wing. For modernizations, we highlight the work done with the P3 Orion of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) intended for patrolling the Brazilian coast, in which it underwent a complete revitalization process of its wings, thus extending the useful life of this important aerial surveillance platform.

In modifications, Akaer is developing for Turkish Aerospace Industries a special version of the ASOJ (Outstanding Jammer Aircraft). In this project Akaer is responsible for most of the modification, including structures, systems installation, aerodynamics, among other technology areas.

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