In April 2022, Aeromexico Connect started to test the Beacon platform for key maintenance bases, which will extend for a few months. During this trial, Beacon will support all maintenance operations and accelerate aircraft’s return-to-service time by integrating the platform into the airline’s stations with further tests to include the roll-out to their on-call maintenance providers. Aeromexico Connect is currently one of the largest regional commercial operators in Central America.

The program package that Aeromexico Connect selected to trial began mid-April and includes several undisclosed bases and users. The decision about hiring the service will occur after the trial period has concluded. The possible association will allow Beacon to expand the solution into the Latin American market and grow its commercial aviation segment. Meanwhile, Aeromexico Connect might be able to lead the commercial segment digitization while enhancing the overall coordination and reduction of delays within their operations.

“We are excited about the opportunity to trial this new era of aviation maintenance proposed by Beacon. Beacon has shared a belief that there is a more efficient way to manage our maintenance operation on a day-to-day basis. Today, Beacon is positioned to enhance communication within our operations and provide users the ability to join and connect to events at any given time. As our teams rotate between maintenance checks, we need to make active efforts to ensure our teams have access to the most up-to-date insights. Therefore, we are testing Beacon’s solution to improve our communication at any base and device,” said Cesar Garcia, VP of Maintenance at Aeromexico Connect.

“Aeromexico Connect is a premier partner in the Latin American market for us. Their decision to leverage the use of technology and support the ultimate-end user, the passenger, aligns with our core mission at Beacon. With this package, we are connecting the aftermarket ecosystem together and unlocking existing processes with modern solutions for another commercial customer. We are very excited for the opportunity of Aeromexico Connect to test our product, which provides value-added insights and pertinent data for their leadership team,” commented Marco Cesarino, Head of Beacon.

Beacon platform will continue to expand its footprint across the commercial market footprint, the number of aircraft served, stations supported, and its mission to reduce out-of-service time and delays for all types of aircraft across the globe.

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