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The Air Force Specialist School (EEAR)¹, located in Guaratinguetá (SP), held the Closing Ceremony of the 2022 Instructor Preparation Course (CPI) on June 2nd. The ceremony was presided over by the EEAR Commander, Air Brigadier Antonio Marcos Godoy Soares Mioni Rodrigues, and was attended by the Chief of the Governance Advisory, Colonel Intendant César Fernandez dos Santos, the Chief of the Execution Subdivision, Major Communications Specialist Carlos Rogério de Sousa Brizon, as well as Officers, professors and instructors of the Military Organization.

The CPI aims to train military and civilian personnel to perform instructor management tasks, presenting methodologies for preparing teaching documents and oral presentation techniques.

The Instructor Preparation Course was conducted in the classroom modality with a total of 160 class periods. During this period, the 30 instructors covered content with pedagogical themes, Aeronautics teaching documentation and, mainly, practical activities to get the instructor acquainted as a teacher.

The EEAR Commander emphasized that the conclusion of the CPI marks the end of another goal to raise the level of training of Air Force personnel. “I am pleased to see you conclude this stage in the improvement of your skills, especially because I am certain that, from now on, each one of you will be a vector of innovation and stimulus to the quality of teaching,” highlighted the General Officer.

The Course Coordinator, Pedagogy Lieutenant Telma Tamira Gomes Wenceslau, talked about the importance of the course. “CPI aims to train instructors who are aware of the importance of professional aspects, such as classroom posture, respect for the task of mediating the construction of knowledge, and good professional performance, since they are fundamental to the good development of the student. Good practices should contribute and encourage those who seek in the course resources for their professional and personal improvement”, pointed out the Officer.

In total, 56 military personnel, among Officers and Graduates, from EEAR and other Military Organizations of the Brazilian Air Force, received the Course Completion Certificate.

Sergeant Alessandra Bernardes Prado Schwab, from EEAR, achieved the first place in her class and received a tribute from the School Commander, Air Brigadier Mioni, for her outstanding performance. “The course opened new horizons for me; today I am sure of the type of instruction I want to give to contribute to the training of future sergeants of the Brazilian Air Force. The instructors, during the classes, transmitted knowledge that I will carry with me for life and that served to add to my professional growth”, he said.

During the ceremony, the students paid homage to Petty Officer Peter Wilson Ribeiro Faxas, highlighting his companionship, spirit of teamwork, dedication, and especially for the teachings during the classes. “It was the best course I took in FAB. Teachers who are empathetic and deeply committed to the art of teaching,” said the Sub-officer, moved.


¹EEAR – The Aeronautics Specialists School (of the Brazilian Air Force) is an Aeronautics Command Organization, directly subordinated to the Director-General of the Department of Aeronautics Education (DEPENS), whose purpose is to train and improve the skills of Air Force sergeants.

Photos: Private Eliabe / EEAR *** Translated by DEFCONPress Team ***

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