The exams can be held in several cities in Brazil

Air Force Agency – Captain Fabio Cox, Lieutenant Flávia and Major Oliveira Lima

Enrollment for the admission exam of the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA), located in São José dos Campos (SP), began on June 1 and continues until July 15.

To enroll, simply access the site: – The fee is R$ 195.00.

In all, there are 150 vacancies: 36 exclusively for candidates interested in joining the military career in the Brazilian Air Force Active Engineer Officers’ Group (QOEng); and 114 for other candidates.

Candidates of both genders, single, native Brazilians, aged 24 or under by December 31, 2023, are eligible to enroll in the ITA’s Engineering Graduate Program, and have completed or will complete high school in 2022.


The selection process is composed of three phases, the first two of which are Scholastic Exams. The first phase will take place on October 16th from 1pm to 6pm and will consist of a single test containing objective questions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Portuguese and English. The second phase will take place on two days, November 8 and 9, from 1 pm to 5 pm, with essay questions on Math, Chemistry, Physics, and an essay. The third phase, upon convocation, is composed of: Health Inspection, Psychological Analysis, Toxicological Examination and Heteroidentification.


Candidates in their first and second year of high school may enroll in ITA’s selection process as pre-applicants and participate in the first two phases.

The exams will be held in 24 cities in 18 states and the Federal District.


Until the previous Vestibular¹, the candidates indicated, at the time of enrollment, the order of priority for the engineering specialties offered. One of the innovations of Vestibular 2023 is that, as of this year, the specialty choice process will be coordinated by the Undergraduate Dean’s Office and will take place in the fourth semester of the Fundamental Course, when the student will compete for enrollment in the desired specialty.

The students will be enrolled in the specialties following their general classification in the class, which will consider: the average grade obtained in the first three periods of the Fundamental Course (80%); the grade obtained in the Selective Process (10%); and the grade obtained in the Military Training Program of the Air Force Reserve Officers Preparation Center (CPOR-Aer-SJ) (10%).

The other novelty is that the number of questions and their distribution in the first phase of the ITA selection process 2023 has changed. The total number of questions is now 60 and they will be equally distributed among Math, Physics, Chemistry, Portuguese and English, i.e. 12 questions for each subject.


Engineering Undergraduate courses at ITA last five years, of which the first two are the Fundamental Course, common to all students, and the last three correspond to the Professional Courses, specific to each Engineering specialty. The specialties offered are Aeronautics, Electronics, Mechanics-Aeronautics, Civil-Aeronautics, Computing, and Aerospace.

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According to ITA’s Vestibular Section Chief, Colonel João Batista do Porto Neves Júnior, the candidate must pay attention to the event schedules and check, in advance, the accesses to the exam sites. “We recommend that candidates arrive at least one hour before the exam,” he adds.

Colonel Porto also explains that the candidates will have to make some choices when registering, such as whether they are opting for a military career or not; the city in which they want to take the test; and, also, if they intend to compete for the racial quota.

All information about the ITA Selection Process will be posted at


¹Vestibular – The vestibular is one of the most traditional ways to get into a Brazilian college. Basically, it works like this: the candidate has a set period to enroll in the vestibular and takes the test together with the others, at specific dates and times set by the college.

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