8th Atech Forum debates the impact of emerging technologies8th Atech Forum debates the impact of emerging technologies

Event held by Atech, a company of the Embraer Group, takes place from November 21st to 23rd, online and free of charge

It is common for our thoughts to turn to the future when we talk about emerging technologies. However, despite the application still restricted to some sectors, these technologies are already generating major transformations in people’s lives and business models.

These impacts are the focus of the 8th Atech Forum: “The Future is Here – And Now? Connecting People, Technology, and Innovation”, which will take place from November 21st to 23rd, 100% online and free of charge. Registration can be made on the event’s platform: https://forumatech.com.br.

Organized by Atech, an Embraer Group company, the forum will debate how new technologies are being used for development and social well-being, what is their power of connection and transformation, and how we can share them in order to build a more sustainable, agile, efficient and simple world for everyone.

The goal is to stimulate the sharing of knowledge among people involved, directly or indirectly, with the development or application of new technologies.the event usually attracts companies, government institutions and the Armed Forces, research centers and universities from all regions of the country. During the presentations, the participants present ideas and ask questions to the panelists.

In this eighth edition there will be four panels, with the participation of 15 panelists, besides an invited speaker. The three-day event will totalize about ten hours of debate and exchange of experiences.

According to Atech’s President, Edson Mallaco, the annual forum is a result of the company’s culture.

“For all of us at Atech, thinking about technology is always associated with thinking about how it will impact people and our environment. This behavior is part of Atech’s culture and reflects its commitment to developing solutions that can contribute to improving our country and the world,” explains Mallaco.

He also points out that sharing knowledge, inside and outside the company, is also intrinsic to Atech’s culture.

“By sharing our experiences we contribute to the construction of an innovation ecosystem, which today is fundamental for the technological, economic, and social development of any country,” he said.


11/21 – Monday | 10am: The keynote speaker invited to the 8th Atech Forum is Prof. Ricardo Yogui, who will address the topic “The Future is Here! The importance of connections between people, technology, and innovation”. Author of the Innovation Framework©, Prof. Yogui is internationally recognized for his work in integrating the Innovation Ecosystem, aiming at sustainable impacts on business, industry, and society.

11/21 – Monday | 2 PM: The first panel will be on Smart Cities, and will feature Bruno Santos, Citizen Protection Secretary of São José dos Campos (SP); Major Paulo Aguilar, Deputy Commander of the Fourth Shock Police Battalion – Special Operations of the State of São Paulo (PMESP), and Waldemar Bon Junior, Technical Advisor of the Secretariat of Transportation Logistics of the State of São Paulo. The moderator will be Claudio Nascimento, Business Manager at Atech – Government and Public Safety.

11/22 – Tuesday | 10am: The second panel will debate the automation of Brazilian air traffic, moderated by Marcos Resende, Atech Business Director – ATM. The panelists will be Aviator Colonel Plínio da Silva Becker, Director of ICEA (Airspace Control Institute); Aviator Colonel R1 Leandro Costa de Andrade, Technical Advisor to the Chief of DECEA’s Technical Subdepartment (Airspace Control Department) and Prof. Marcelo Xavier Guterres, Research Professor at ITA (Aeronautical Technological Institute),

11/22 – Tuesday | 2 PM: The third panel will be on agribusiness, with the participation of André Boncompani, CEO of iCrop; Klever Coral, Head of Innovations at Avance Hub / Coplacana; and Uriel Rotta, Managing Partner at WBGI and Stracta Consultoria. The moderator will be Fábio Cocchi, Atech Business Director – B2B.

11/23 – Wednesday | 10am: The last panel will address the evolution of emerging technologies, from their emergence to their impact on the future. The moderator will be Giacomo Staniscia, Atech Business Director – Defense and Security. The panelists will be Rear Admiral Augusto José da Silva Fonseca Junior, Commander of the Air Force; Giovani Amianti, CEO of XMobots; Lincoln Mattos, CEO and Founder of Tempest and Prof. Marcelo Zuffo, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and PhD in Electrical Engineering with Emphasis on Electronic Systems (EPUSP).

The complete program and the participants’ profiles are available on the 8th Atech Forum website.

*** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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