38th CMID Meeting fosters new business opportunities38th CMID Meeting fosters new business opportunities

Brasília – To discuss issues related to the defense industry, the 38th Meeting of the Joint Defense Industry Commission (CMID) was held this Wednesday (16), at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense (MD). The event was chaired by the Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces (EMCFA), Army General Laerte de Souza Santos, with the participation of representatives from Ministries like the Ministry of Defense and the Economy, and from the Armed Forces.

During the meeting, topics related to the classification of defense products, accreditation of companies, and registration changes were discussed. Two other relevant proposals in the scope of the Defense Industrial Base (BID) were also discussed: the extension of the use of the Special Bidding Term (TLE), nationwide, with the use of the Ministry of Economy’s Purchasing Center, and the inclusion of the accreditation of financial entities as Defense Companies (ED), besides the classification of financial products as Defense Products (PRODE).

The proposals were unanimously approved by the members of the CMID and are now being submitted to the ministerial authority for regulation.

As a result, 39 new products were classified as Strategic Defense Products (PED) and eight as Defense Products (PRODE). There were also six proposals for accreditation as Strategic Defense Companies (EED) and five for Defense Companies (ED). Currently 132 companies are accredited as EED and 29 as ED. Regarding products, 1128 are classified as PED and 103 as PRODE.

By Ascom, with information from the Department of Defense Products (DEPROD)
Photos: Antônio Oliveira

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