Brazil resumes its chairmanship of the Latin American association of peace operationsBrazil resumes its chairmanship of the Latin American association of peace operations

By Carolina Militão

For the second time, Brazil takes on the presidency of the Latin American Association of Training Centers for Peace Operations (ALCOPAZ). The ceremony took place this Friday (25th), in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the 14th Plenary Meeting of the entity’s General Assembly. With the change, Brazil is increasingly consolidated by its strategic and peaceful influence in the international arena.

During the solemnity, Brigadier General Jorge Fabián Berredo, of the Argentine Army, transmitted the position of President of Alcopaz to the Deputy Head of International Operations of the Ministry of Defense (MD), Air Brigadier Alvaro Marcelo Alexandre Freixo. “We are aware that this complex process of education and preparation that serves all the actors involved, military, police and civilian, requires an integrated and regional effort, all with the noble purpose of achieving excellence in terms of operational capabilities required in Peace Operations,” pointed out, on the occasion, Brigadier Freixo, in his inauguration speech.

Brasília 2023 – The 14th Plenary Meeting of ALCOPAZ’s General Assembly took place in the Argentine capital between November 22nd and 25th, and had as its central theme “Environment and Peace Operations”. Representatives of the Armed Forces of 10 full member countries attended: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru. Representatives from observer countries and members of civil organizations and invited institutions also attended the Assembly.

The Brazilian delegation included representatives from the Ministry of Defense (MD), from the Army Staff (EME), and the commanders of CCOPAB, Colonel Carlos Alberto Moutinho Vaz, and of the Naval Peace Operations Center (COpPazNav), Commander Tarick Turidu da Silva Nunes Taets. In 2023, the 15th Plenary Meeting of the ALCOPAZ General Assembly will be held in Brasilia, under the coordination of the Ministry of Defense.

Alcopaz – The international entity was founded in Argentina in 2008, with more than 20 representative countries. Primarily, its members are training centers for peacekeeping missions in Latin American and Caribbean countries, promoting training for Armed Forces, Police Forces and Civilians who will participate in Peacekeeping Operations under the coordination of the UN. Its presidency is transferred every year among its full members. Alcopaz has contributed to the strengthening of the regional environment, with the consequent increase of cooperation among Latin American countries, and Brazil is one of the full associate members.

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