33rd Mechanized Infantry Battalion, the 1st Brazilian Army unit to receive the Multitask Light Multirole Armored Vehicle on Wheels (VBMT-LSR)33rd Mechanized Infantry Battalion, the 1st Brazilian Army unit to receive the Multitask Light Multirole Armored Vehicle on Wheels (VBMT-LSR)


The first Brazilian Army unit to receive the Multitask Light Multi-Armed Vehicle on Wheels (VBMT-LSR) is from the South of Brazil. The 33rd Mechanized Infantry Battalion, in Cascavel/PR, received the first nine (9) and the objective is to increase the capacity of the Forces in the operational environment.

The VBMT-LSR, from the company IVECO, is the new armored vehicle platform integrating the Army’s Strategic Program Guarani, developed to furnish the Land Force’s mechanized Infantry and Cavalry military organizations. It is a 4×4 vehicle with armor and survival requirements adapted to current combat realities.

The Multitask, Light Light Wheeled Armored Vehicle (VBMT-LR), is a 4×4 class vehicle with a maximum weight of 8 t and load capacity of 1 t, and room for a 5-man garrison. And armor and survival requirements for the crew, at an exceptional level.

The technical requirements on the issue of crew survival are due to new items in the strategic planning of the Brazilian Army and Ministry of Defense. Especially new Peace Missions in other Theaters of Operations, which require vehicles with greater protection to ensure the survival of the crew.

The 33rd was also the first EB unit to receive the Guarani

On today’s date, March 24, 2014, the first thirteen Armored Personnel Carrier Vehicles, Medium Wheeled (VBTP-MR), of the Army’s Strategic Project – Guarani, were delivered to the 15th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, based in Cascavel/PR, to furnish one of the Marine Companies of the 33rd Motorized Infantry Battalion, an organic unit of the Brigade, which was in the process of transformation to 33rd Mechanized Infantry Battalion.

The LMV – Armored Multitask Light Light Vehicle on Wheels (VBMT-LSR)

Launched in 2002 at EUROSATORY by IVECO Defence the LMV quickly became the classic vehicle in its segment setting the standard that would be followed in the coming years. The spread of IED (Improvised Explosive Device) employment made the LMV crew survival cell an essential item. More than 4,000 have already been produced and are in operation in many different theaters of operation, such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Countries that use the LMV, among others are the UK, Norway, Spain, Belgium, and Italy. Its engine is the militarized version of the IVECO Daily commercial vehicle. The LMV was always recognized as the design, which best met the requirements of the Brazilian Army.

Iveco Defence Vehicles already supplies the Brazilian Army with the Guarani VBTP 6×6 family of amphibious armored vehicles. More than 480 units have been delivered since 2012, after the first contract was signed in 2009. Units of the Guarani 6×6 have already been exported to other customers.

The solid partnership between Iveco Defence Vehicles and the Brazilian Army is now consolidated with this second product line, while the Sete Lagoas plant has been demonstrating its primary importance in strengthening the national Defense Industrial Base in the field of land systems, with high-quality, qualified labor, global-level technical capabilities and together with a network of local suppliers and partners.

The Guarani Wheeled Armored Carrier Family foresees a nationalization index of around 90%, besides its dual use, also modern technical characteristics and its integration with similar systems of the other Armed Forces and other agencies. This will make it possible to carry out joint and inter-agency operations under better conditions.

The Guarani Program is contributing to the Army Transformation Process, aiming to ensure Brazil’s defense and provide technological and quality advances, through technology transfer and the technical qualification of national manpower. This will contribute to job and income generation. Currently, more than 100 companies are participating in the program, generating around 3,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The program’s basic platform is the armored Guarani, developed and manufactured through a partnership between the Brazilian Army and the company IVECO, based in Sete Lagoas (MG), as will happen with the VBMT-LSR, 4×4, the newest member of the Guarani Family.

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