W2C Brazil 2022 starts with tactical parachuting demonstration and combat simulationW2C Brazil 2022 starts with tactical parachuting demonstration and combat simulation

The urban combat qualification event started today (16) and will go on until Sunday at the BASE Armalite complex, in Itu/SP, gathering authorities and professionals from the public security and defense forces from all over the country.

Qualifying professionals and demystifying the gun culture. This was one of the fronts highlighted by the authorities present at the opening of the World Combat Conference Brazil 2022 (W2C), this Friday morning (16), at BASE Armalite, in Itu (SP), which hosts the conference until September 18. W2C had a high performance opening, involving the presentation of elite tactical parachutists and a simulation of equipment rescue in enemy territory.

Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro delivered the event’s opening speech highlighting the influence that culture, education, and the media have on the understanding of the importance and recognition of public security agents in the country. “The formation of popular concepts about public security goes through art, literature and expressions used to refer to the policeman and, also, to the criminal”, said Eduardo.

José Augusto Schincariol, CEO of the BASE Armalite complex, reinforced that, as an entrepreneur, he feels responsible for improving the sector in Brazil for public security professionals and CACs. “The idea is to bring a structure similar to the American one to the country, as a reference of what is best to be offered,” complemented the entrepreneur.

“In Brazil there is a paradigm about the gun culture, which goes through the ignorance of its purpose and importance. Here in the country, we want to build something bigger and our goal is to help the industry, professionals and civilians to really know more about it”, declared Diego Nicolau de Carvalho – Vice President of Growth, Customer Experience and Innovation at Nürnberg Messe, co-organizer of the event.

The event is expected to gather more than 1,600 firearms and shooting instructors and police officers who will participate in a true marathon of content: 11 lectures with high-performance professionals, 72 practical clinics, more than 30 authorities and official delegations confirmed. The high-level event is aimed at public security professionals, private security agents with valid professional certification, members of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Judiciary, military personnel from the Armed Forces, and sports marksmen with valid RCs.

The W2C Brazil 2022 is a Sansone Management and Nürnberg Messe event, sponsored by Springfield Armory, Mahrte, CBC, Taurus, Glock Perfection, Invictus Tactical and Outdoor, and Base Armalite.

*** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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