TAURUS and CBC participate in the Defense & Security Experience and W2C Brazil 2022, in Itu (SP)TAURUS and CBC participate in the Defense & Security Experience and W2C Brazil 2022, in Itu (SP)

Taurus and Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC), considered among the leading manufacturers of arms and ammunition in the world, are participating this week in two major industry events in Itu (SP). On September 15th happened the Defense & Security Experience, a weapons, ammunition and defense fair in Brazil that has an exhibition area, shooting booths for testing the new products, lectures and workshops.

And then, in the same place, from September 16 to 18, happens the W2C Brazil. The edition has three days of immersion in the most advanced urban combat in the world with lectures, clinics, experiences, exhibitions and a business fair.

The event brings together a select team of national and international instructors from the United States, Italy, and Spain, as well as official committees and the main global brands of weapons and tactical and outdoor products/accessories. Among the high-level lectures given at the events, the highlight was that of Taurus’ National Sales Manager, Ricardo Medeiros Theisen, who spoke about Taurus’ excellent results, the company’s strong investment in technology and innovation, the development of new products through the Integrated Technology and Engineering Center Brazil/United States (CITE), and research into new technologies such as the application of graphene, nanoparticles of Niobium, DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) and the development of polymers with long fibers, for example.

Another important participation was that of the athlete sponsored by TAURUS and CBC, Eurico Auler, in the debate panel on “How and why to be a high performance shooter”, which approached the current scenario of the shooting sport in Brazil and what the shooters need to compete nowadays.

Taurus, world leader in the manufacturing of revolvers and one of the largest producers of pistols in the world, besides being the largest seller of light weapons in the world and the most imported brand in the competitive US market, exhibits its complete portfolio of products at the events. Among the novelties, the company presents with exclusivity the rifle T10 model “Designated Shooter”, with only 3.96kg, which allies technology to Taurus’ high quality standard, possessing Sub-MOA precision, being able to obtain grouping in its shots under 1 inch at 100 yards.

Taurus also presents the T10 rifle in the Lightweigth Precision version, developed especially for hunting and sport shooting. It is the lightest in the market, with only 3.8kg. The two new versions are in .308 Win/7.62×51 caliber, with 20-inch barrel in 416R stainless steel (special steel used in precision weapons).

Visitors can check among the recent launches the classic Taurus RT 065 revolver in the .357 Magnum version with the option of finishing in matte carbon or matte stainless steel, the GX4 Graphene pistol, the first gun in the world to use graphene and which marks the beginning of the 3rd generation of pistols, the special edition of the G2c pistol in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Taurus’ plant in the United States, and the T4 rifle in .300 Blackout caliber in two versions, with 9-inch or 16-inch barrels.

Also on display is the TH9 pistol, from the renowned TSeries line of weapons, the 1911 pistol in the 9mm version, as well as the G series, composed of high resistance and quality pistols, which includes among others the G2c Colors pistols in the colors black, lilac, military green and brown. In the line of revolvers, highlight goes to the main models RT 608, RT 627 and Ranging Hunter 44H, especially developed for the hunting and leisure market. And in the carbine line, the CT9 and CTT40 models.

CBC, one of the largest global manufacturers of ammunition and long guns, shows to the visitors, besides the complete portfolio of the company, with products for sports, leisure, defense and security, the several releases as the expected .22WMR ammunition in FMJ and JHP versions (ogival and expansive), the rifle .22WMR Magnum with wooden and polypropylene stocks, besides the renowned Pump Military Rifle, now in versions with 14″ barrel and special series CBC 96 years.

CBC Pump Military is the first 12-gauge shotgun homologated by the Brazilian Army as MEM – Military Employment Material, a certification that includes rigorous performance and resistance tests in extreme conditions. Still in the long gun segment, it brings calibers such as the .308Win and 30-30Win, among other future releases. Also on display will be the .22LR Rifles, Semiautomatic Tactical, Lever Action Rio Bravo and Pump Action, the NTA training ammunition, and the recently launched Polymatch.

Polymatch Projectiles are coated with a unique special polymer layer, with no lead exposure, resulting in reduced smoke emissions during firing and reduced lead residue accumulation in the barrel, when compared to conventional lead projectiles. The polymer coating of the Polymatch projectile also provides less barrel heating and friction than jacketed projectiles, thus extending the life of the weapon.

Developed in the main calibers of ammunition for handguns in different projectile weights, CBC Polymatch ammunition offers excellent cost-benefit, enabling constant training. In operational ammunition, the company will present the expansive Bonded ammunition and the new generation Pro Shock CBC, which has a projectile design developed with a special construction technique, offering superior ballistic performance.

Both events take place at the BASE Armalite complex, in Itu (SP). For more information about the Defense & Security Experience access the site www.dsexperience.com.br and W2C Brazil 2022 at https://w2c.pro.br

*** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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