Thermal imaging monocular undergoes operational evaluation in the AmazonThermal imaging monocular undergoes operational evaluation in the Amazon

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – The Army Evaluation Center (CAEx) conducted the operational evaluation of the Thermal Imaging Monocular OLHAR, in a jungle environment, in the city of Manaus (AM), between December 5th and 10th.

The activity had the participation of engineers and technicians from the company Opto and the Army Technology Center (CTEx). The evaluations also received the operational support of a troop from the 1st Jungle Infantry Battalion’s Combat Group, able to operate in jungle areas under any weather conditions.

The objective was to evaluate the equipment, through tests in land and water infiltration in the Amazon environment. The equipment was tested during obstacle courses and during the execution of halocasting, which is a helicopter jump over a river environment from an altitude of at least ten meters. Real shooting was also performed with the use of the EYE monocular against targets identified by means of thermal technology. At the end, the military performed first-rank maintenance of the monocle.

The operational evaluation of the OLHAR Thermal Imaging Monocular in the Amazon jungle environment allowed the Army Science, Technology and Innovation System and the Defense and Security Industrial Base to test the equipment under extreme conditions of heat, humidity and impact. The use of the monocular was approved in all activities, based on the technical and operational requirements of the Brazilian Combatant Project (COBRA).

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