The dream of being a Marine in the Brazilian NavyThe dream of being a Marine in the Brazilian Navy

High school students share challenges on the road to a military career in the Navy

By First Lieutenant (T) Ederson Soares – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Samuel Ribeiro and Jany dos Santos, both 18, live in Araruama (RJ) and are in their third year of high school at the Sargento PM Antônio Carlos Oliveira de Moura State College. As well as being the same age, the students share the dream of becoming Marines in the Brazilian Navy (MB). But winning this battle requires a lot of dedication and strategy to overcome obstacles that come in many different forms. In the first (the objective test), Samuel and Jany did their homework well and succeeded. Now, like the other candidates, they are looking forward to the next stages of the selection process in search of the ultimate victory: completing the Marine Soldier course.

“It was an indescribable joy when I saw the result. I know there are still other assessments to be made, this is just the first step, but it’s gratifying to see so much effort rewarded. I’ve admired the military since I was a child because of its values, discipline and vibrancy. It’s what I’ve always wanted for my life and I’m fighting for it. I studied in the morning and took a preparatory course in the afternoon. On Saturdays, I would revise the content and do a mock exam. I like to play sports and wrestle, which helped me a lot in my preparation,” says Samuel.

On a visit to the Almirante Milcíades Portela Alves Instruction Centre (CIAMPA), in Campo Grande (RJ), on Tuesday morning (14), the students’ parents, the school principal and representatives of the Rio de Janeiro State Department of Education got to know the structure of the Military Organization responsible for training Marine Soldiers.

“I was especially impressed by the care they took to welcome the students of the first class, which starts next year. Everything has been very well organized so that everyone can study and do their best during the course: biometrics at the entrances to the barracks, the toilets, gymnasium, cafeterias, medical and religious support, etc. I’m happy, I’m sure I’ll leave him here and I’m proud of the choice he’s made,” says Kátia Ribeiro, Samuel’s mother.

Jany points out that she studied all her life in public schools and always wanted to be in the military, despite not having any contact with the Armed Forces at home. “My reality is quite difficult, with many difficulties, but I focused on my dream, organized my routine, researched everything on my own on the internet and dedicated my life to it. Even without the financial resources to pay for a course, I believe that if you want to, you should try. My message is: do your best and use obstacles as an incentive. When I saw my name on the shortlist, I was very excited. But I know I have to dedicate myself to the next stages, it’s not over yet,” she recalls.

How to become a Marine

For those interested in becoming a Marine Soldier, the first step is to pass a public examination. Candidates must also meet certain requirements: be Brazilian, between 18 and 21 years old and have completed high school. During the training course, students have access to quality education, housing, food, uniforms and pay. If they pass, at the end of this period they will be appointed Marine Soldiers and incorporated into the MB, entitled to all the prerogatives of a military career.

It is also important to emphasize that young people seeking to serve their country through the Marine Corps should be aware that they will be joining a national institution that values honesty, meritocracy, ethics, moral principles and correct procedures.
More information about the training course and other MB selection processes is available at:

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