The Brazilian Army's War Arsenal takes delivery of revitalized howitzersThe Brazilian Army's War Arsenal takes delivery of revitalized howitzers

General Câmara (RS) – On March 15 and 16, the Arsenal of War General Câmara (AGGC), a military organization directly subordinated to the Manufacturing Directorate (DF), delivered two 155 mm M118 AR and two 105 mm M101 AR howitzers and 475 spare parts to the 3rd Supply Battalion (3rd B Sup), meeting the goals established in the Internal Work Program 2022.

The heavy weapons workshop is responsible for the revitalization of the howitzers, which is composed of several phases, including complete disassembly, parts analysis, manufacturing and replacement of damaged parts, assembly, adjustment, and painting. These phases are supported by the other workshops: machining, foundry, metalworking, and painting. After the maintenance and revitalization, the technical shooting is performed, then they go through the post-shot maintenance. After passing all the tests, the equipment is prepared for transportation and returns to the supply chain.

The War Arsenal also delivered 475 spare parts for material manufactured at the AGGC. These parts are various components (pins, adapters, wedges, sets, pickets, etc.) of engineering materials that are difficult to replace, used in bridges of various models: M4T6 Bridge, Light Gate, Bailey Gate, and LSB Bridge.

The Arsenal also received four M118 AR 155mm artillery howitzers to be maintained, from the 3rd B Sup. The material transport operation had the support of the 8th Logistic Battalion (8th B Log) and the 18th Infantry Battalion (18th BI Mtz) to escort the material, and of the 3rd Combat Engineering Battalion (3rd BE Cmb), to unload and load the material.

Source: AGGC

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