The Brazilian Army's Jungle Infantry Brigade is certified as a Readiness ForceThe Brazilian Army's Jungle Infantry Brigade is certified as a Readiness Force

Marabá (PA) – In the period from July 11 to 29, the 23rd Jungle Infantry Brigade (23rd Bda Inf Sl) mobilized around 1,100 military personnel, 220 vehicles, 54 boats and 2 HM-4 Jaguar helicopters, with the purpose of certifying the fractions that make up the Brigade Readiness Force (FORPRON). The activity was supported by the East Training Center (CA-East) and accompanied by the Land Operations Command (COTER).

In the first phase, the constructive simulation, also known as “War Games,” was carried out. Its objective was to train the staffs of the 23rd Bda Inf Sl Command and of its subordinate Military Organizations, to simulate combat operations, combat support, and logistical support.

Next, the company, platoon, and combat group commanders went through the virtual simulation, using the Virtual Battle Space 3 (VBS 3) software, which made it possible to evaluate the maneuvers of the small fractions, in order to improve the use of human and material resources during the practical exercise.

For the Live Simulation, Phase 3 of the Certification, the Task Force 52nd Jungle Infantry Battalion (FT 52nd BIS), FORPRON Unit, was composed of Jungle Marine Companies, Jungle Cavalry Platoon, Helicopter Section, Oboe Battery, Anti-Aircraft Section, Engineering Platoon, Communications Platoon, Logistics Detachment, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Group, Command Company, and Army Police Platoon.

During this phase, the 52nd BIS executed various tactical actions of an offensive and defensive nature, such as: river, jungle, and airborne infiltration; operations against irregular forces; and the isolation and investment of a location, culminating in the conquest of a Strong Point.

The activities took place in Marabá, Itupiranga, and Parauapebas, and included land, air, and river movements. The 11th Anti-aircraft Artillery Group and the 6th Military Intelligence Battalion also participated, coming from Brasília-DF and Campo Grande-MS, respectively.

After successfully completing all the Certification steps required by the Land Operations Command, the 23rd Airborne Command will remain in operational readiness for the next 12 months.

Source: Northern Military Command

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