The Airborne Artillery Group participates in Operation CoxilhaThe Airborne Artillery Group participates in Operation Coxilha

Uruguaiana (RS) – Every year, the Airborne Group develops a field training exercise, with execution of real artillery fire, in an operational environment different from the region where it is located, known as Operation Border. This year, the activity was developed in the context of Operation Coxilha 2022, a training exercise for the Field Artillery units of Rio Grande do Sul, conducted by the Divisionary Artillery Command of the 3rd Army Division, at Campo de Instrução Barão de São Borja, in Rosário do Sul, from September 12th to 15th.

During the operation it was possible to carry out different types of shooting missions, promoting the professional development of the members of all the Campaign Artillery subsystems. The exercise was supported by Army Aviation aircraft, allowing observers to train in conducting artillery fire from an aerial platform.

Besides the Aerial Land Group, the following regular and self-propelled Campaign Artillery Groups (GAC) participated in the operation: the 3rd GAC AP, the 6th GAC, the 13th GAC, the 19th GAC, the 22nd GAC AP, the 25th GAC, the 27th GAC and the 29th GAC AP, as well as the Heavy Mortar Platoons from the 3rd and 6th Army Divisions.

The Self-Propelled Field Artillery Group participates in Operation Coxilha

The 22nd Self-propelled Field Artillery Group participated in Operation Coxilha, at the Barão de São Borja training camp, between September 12th and 16th. This was the largest Field Artillery exercise of the Land Force in 2022, coordinated by the Divisionary Artillery of the 3rd Army Division, with the participation of Campaign Artillery groups and Mortar Platoons.

During the operation, the 22nd Self-propelled Field Artillery Group carried out a combat march, occupied firing positions and executed the actual firing with the M109 A3 Self-propelled Armored Combat Vehicle. During the shooting, several shooting techniques were executed, including aerial observation, proving the full preparation and training of the Uruguaiana Group’s military.

Source: 8º Grupo de Artilharia de Campanha Pára-quedista / 22nd GAC AP *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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