Saab brings high-tech solutions and systems to the 7th IDB ShowSaab brings high-tech solutions and systems to the 7th IDB Show

Saab will be at the 7th BID Show, from December 6th to 8th, at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center in Brasilia (DF). The event is part of the annual calendar of security and defense industries in Brazil and international delegations.

This year, visitors will be able to receive more information about Saab’s vast portfolio and its high-tech solutions for the most diverse defense missions in the naval, land and air sectors.

“We are very proud to be a strategic partner of Brazil and the year 2022 was a landmark year for Saab. We registered great advances in the Brazilian Gripen Program. Now, at the BID Show, we expect to expand our business, talk about new needs of the Armed Forces that can be met with our expertise, and continue in this mission to support the Forces that protect the national sovereignty and the population,” said Marianna Silva, Saab’s General Director for Latin America.

At the 7th edition of the event, the company will highlight its training and live simulation offer that brings to military exercises the whole real environment, being only the shooting simulated by laser beam. The systems of training and live simulation of double action (Force-on-Force) have been used by the Brazilian Armed Forces for almost two decades, at the Centro de Adestramento Leste (CA-Leste), in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), and at the Centro de Adestramento Sul (CA-Sul), in Santa Maria (RS).

It will also be possible to learn more about the RBS 70, a Remote Controlled Low Altitude Missile System used in more than 20 countries and that was acquired by the Brazilian Army in 2014 and participated in important operations in the country, such as the security of the 2014 Fifa World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

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Comint (Communication Intelligence) is another solution that will be at the event. The integrated system for reconnaissance tasks and electromagnetic spectrum monitoring is suitable for strategic and tactical applications. This is Saab’s main solution in Sisfron – the integrated border monitoring system.

For the naval sector, the MCMV mine countermeasures ship is the company’s proposal to meet current maritime challenges. In addition, sophisticated and reliable underwater vehicles make up Saab’s portfolio, such as the Double Eagle, which combines advanced technology with impressive efficiency to detect, classify, identify and deactivate mines.

Another very versatile solution, which can be used in land and sea forces, is one of the most advanced three-dimensional air defense radar systems in the world, the Giraffe 1X.

Also at the BID Show, visitors will see up close the life-size replica of the F-39 Gripen fighter jet. The model was chosen by the Brazilian government to equip the Brazilian Air Force under a contract for the development and production of 36 aircraft, including systems, support and equipment, and a comprehensive technology transfer program that promotes the development of the local aviation industry.

Saab will be at stand 51/52, Asa Oeste, where executives will be available to provide all necessary clarifications about the solutions presented.

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