Rocket that hit Gaza hospital was fired by Islamic Jihad, says IDFRocket that hit Gaza hospital was fired by Islamic Jihad, says IDF

After analyzing the operational systems, Israel found that the rocket was fired by the terrorist group

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that based on “intelligence information, a failed rocket by Palestinian Islamic Jihad caused the deadly explosion at the Gaza hospital.” The terrorist group Hamas had blamed Israel for the attack.

In a statement, the IDF said that “based on an analysis of operational systems, a barrage of enemy rockets was carried out towards Israel, which passed in the vicinity of the hospital, when it was hit.”

“According to intelligence information from various sources available to us, Islamic Jihad is the organization responsible for the failed firing of the [rocket] that hit the hospital,” the IDF adds. The Jihad missile allegedly disintegrated in the air and hit the site, leading to a huge explosion that left hundreds dead.

“Israel has often been accused of actions that were later confirmed to be lies,” points out political scientist André Lajst, executive president of StandWithUs Brasil. “As the saying goes, in war the first victim is the truth. Hamas used the hospital tragedy to spread disinformation that blamed Israel, and the media accepted this version immediately, without waiting for the accused side to respond. Israel would never target hospitals, and does everything it can to protect civilians and prevent harm to those not involved, but terrorist groups consciously operate using the civilian population, either as a human shield or as an opportunity to manipulate public opinion.”

In an official statement on Twitter, the president of Israel, Isaac Herzog, repudiated the attack, lamenting the death of innocent civilians: … Shame on the terrorists in Gaza who willingly shed the blood of the innocent. Never before has the choice been so clear. Israel is facing an enemy made of pure evil. If you defend humanity, the value of all human life, you support Israel.”

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