Protecta innovates with product line at LAADProtecta innovates with product line at LAAD

With a clear objective and strategy, the company is advancing in the development of cutting-edge equipment for public security.

Protecta Defesa & Segurança is taking part in LAAD 2024 – Security & Defence, which is taking place from today (April 2) to 4, at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo, at stand B40. The company is presenting innovative solutions for the sector, such as the new generation of automotive armor technology for OSOP vehicles (vehicles belonging to security and public order agencies). It is the evolution of the Plug&Play concept combined with low waste generation and no use of steel. In addition to the armor solution and the entire family of ballistic protection vests for civilian and military use, the company is also demonstrating a new product from its portfolio – an inflatable collar.


With an investment of more than 1 million reais in this project, Protecta has improved its automotive armor solution. The PRO-OSOP System is yet another result of the work carried out by the company to always provide high technology to the sector according to the needs of each user.

“It’s the new generation of products. In 2023, we launched the Pro UDB1® solution with a Plug & Play concept, but parts of the shield were overlaid with steel, increasing the weight of the shield. In this new generation, the armour is considered clean, as we use 50% fewer parts, resulting in greater lightness and versatility, in order to meet the operational needs of the police,” said Protecta’s CAA, Victor Gallo.

In addition to this feature, we highlight the following attributes of the PRO-OSOP System:

  • Opaque shielding in polyethylene (UHMWPE);
  • 17% higher ballistic capacity (V50 > 520m/s);
  • Multi Hit – high capacity to receive multiple shots;
  • Technology 32% lighter than conventional armor and
  • Water-resistant UD technology

“This system was developed with police vehicles in mind, which are more exposed to ballistic threats than armored civilian vehicles. Our technologies provide autonomy and the potential to ensure the lives of those who use them. Protecta is committed to delivering an effective solution for Public Security agents. As the police are in confrontation on a daily basis, they need to have the confidence and guarantee that, in a hostile environment, they can count on resources and work tools that ensure greater security for public security operators,” said Gallo.


The ESG concept (policies related to the environment, social responsibility and governance) is increasingly present in companies and Protecta is part of this context. The PRO-OSOP System allows vehicles or their parts, when armored with this technology, not to be destroyed after their useful life, as determined by Ordinance No. 94 – COLOG, of August 16, 2019.

As a result, public security agencies can auction off their vehicles as used cars and not as scrap metal. This change also brings a financial benefit, as in the long term the cost becomes lower and can cover part of the investment made.


Another solution being presented at LAAD is the inflatable collar. The company used its know-how from the production of bulletproof vests to develop this product.

One of the features is the product’s efficiency and versatility, with an activation device that ensures that when the user is thrown into the water, the face and torso are turned upwards, protecting their life and allowing them to be rescued if necessary.

This vest is currently in the process of being reproduced as another product to improve the work of the security forces.

During LAAD 2024 – Security & Defence, the public will also be able to see Protecta’s entire product portfolio – bulletproof vests and shields; automotive armour solutions for civilian and public security vehicles and airbags, produced for the automotive industry, which are recognized products that are part of the safety of millions of people in our country.

*** Translated by DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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