Proposal for the creation of the Brazilian National Guard is ready, says ministerProposal for the creation of the Brazilian National Guard is ready, says minister

Flávio Dino explains the role of the new federal security corporation

(Agência Brasil) The federal government should present, in the coming days, the proposal to create a permanent National Guard and public security to protect federal public buildings in Brasilia and act in special operations in indigenous lands, border areas, conservation units and support the security of the states.

The information is from the Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Flávio Dino, in an exclusive interview to vehicles of the Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC), on Wednesday night (25), in Brasília. He said that the proposal to create the new federal corporation was a request from President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva himself, and should replace the National Security Force, created in 2004, in Lula’s first term.

“He [president] thinks that the National Force, as something temporary, doesn’t fulfill the adequate role. He himself asked for the wording. We drafted it, it is ready. It will be an institution dedicated to the security of the civic areas, but it will be able to act in border areas, indigenous territories and conservation units.

It will be similar to the National Force, but with its own command, with its own culture”, he affirmed.

The minister ruled out any idea of federalizing the Public Security of the Federal District, which will remain under the command of the local government. However, the defense of areas under Union jurisdiction – such as the Ministries Esplanade, the Three Powers Square and official residences, among other sensitive points in the capital – would be assigned to the National Guard.

The idea is that it will be a civilian corporation, but of an ostensive nature, with admission through its own competitive examination. Currently, the contingent of the National Force is recruited episodically from agents who work in different police forces in the country.

“At some point, there may be an extremist governor in the Federal District. So the security of the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Planalto Palace, would be subject to the problems of local politics? It can’t. And this is a mistake that President Lula now wants to correct,” he argued.

Other measures

Besides the creation of the National Guard, that is in the center of the proposals of the so-called Democracy Package, the federal government should suggest legal changes to criminalize conducts on the Internet that constitute an attack against the Democratic State of Law.

“Nobody can install a kiosk in a shopping mall and teach how to make a bomb. Why can they do it on the internet? So, terrorism and crimes against the democratic rule of law cannot be mobilized on the internet,” said the Minister of Justice.

Another measure is to increase penalties for those who organize and finance coup and anti-democratic acts, such as those that took place in Brasilia on January 8th.

Intervention Report

Flávio Dino also advanced some conclusions of the final report of the federal intervention in Public Safety in the Federal District (DF). The document will still be detailed to the minister by the intervenor, Ricardo Cappelli, and then presented to the heads of the Three Branches.

“We have some results that show that there were very serious omissions in the planning and execution of the public security system by the Federal District, and this is what will be presented to society, so that, at the appropriate time, the Judicial Power will define the appropriate punishment to those who failed, erred, or committed crimes,” he said.

The federal intervention in the Federal District will last until the 31st and, as of February, the district government will take back the management of public security in the city. On Wednesday afternoon (25), the acting governor of the DF, Celina Leão, presented the delegate Sandro Avelar as future secretary of Public Safety of the capital

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