Proof of Concept of the Special Armored Vehicle AmbulanceProof of Concept of the Special Armored Vehicle Ambulance

Brasília (DF) – On October 20th, the Land Operations Command (COTER), through the Army Doctrine Center (C Doutr Ex), coordinated the proof of concept of the Special Armored Ambulance Vehicle (VBE Amb), at the 3rd Mechanized Cavalry Squadron (3 Esqd C Mec).

The activity had the participation of military personnel from the Health Directorate (D Sau) and the 3rd C Mec Squadron and had as its main objective to conduct tests to verify the technical feasibility of transforming a Guarani MSR VBTP into a VBE Amb, as well as to analyze and compare the Guarani with the current Urutu VBE Amb of the Brazilian Army.

Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI team

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