Commissioners and Officials from the Ministry of the Interior and National Police of Paraguay participate in activities at the headquarters of Dígitro Tecnologia

Last week, around 20 police commissioners and officers from the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police of Paraguay, among them members of Specialized Investigation Offices and Intelligence Bodies, were in Florianopolis to take part in an advanced training session on the Public Security products of the company Dígitro Tecnologia. The Government of Paraguay has been using the solutions of the Brazilian company since 2012. On the occasion, the professionals got to know the new versions of the systems focused on Intelligence and Investigation.

The company works in partnership with its ally, Databiz SA. This is the first time that a larger group of professionals conducts on-site training in Brazil to learn in depth about the new versions of the technological systems. “The content deals with the new versions of the Intelligence systems that implement new interception and investigation methods”, states the International Business Executive from Dígitro Tecnologia, Adriano Dias.

Partnership with the company DataBiz

Dígitro’s project in Paraguay is developed in partnership with the Paraguayan company DataBiz SA. The company is certified and accredited by Dígitro as a supplier of Public Safety systems in the neighboring country.

DataBiz works with data analysis tools, predictive analysis, process optimization, support for management and decision making, and Big Data. Recently, the Paraguayan company has improved and expanded its intelligence base eight times, starting to serve clients not only from the Public Security area, but also other Public Administration bodies from Paraguay.

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