Operation in Pará seizes weapons, ammunition and R$ 500 thousand in productsOperation in Pará seizes weapons, ammunition and R$ 500 thousand in products

Three people were arrested during the Navy’s operation with inspection and public security agencies in the Lower Amazon region

By First Lieutenant (RM2-T) Augusto Rodrigues – Belém-PA

The Brazilian Navy, in a joint action with the Federal Police (PF), the Pará Military Police (PMPA), and the Pará State Department of Finance (SEFA), seized weapons, ammunition, and more than R$500,000 in goods without invoices. The seizures were made during Operation “Ágata Norte”, carried out between July 3 and 17, in the Lower Amazon region, between the municipalities of Santarém and Juruti, in western Pará.

One of the approaches resulted in the arrest of three people and the seizure of a rifle, a pistol, 274 rounds of ammunition of various calibers, three cell phones, a notebook with notes alluding to drug trafficking, as well as a boat used by the offenders, with an estimated value of R $ 60 thousand. They were also seized almost six tons of Brazil nuts, 130 thousand packs of cigarettes, 20 tons of scrap metal and other products without proof of tax collection. Agents of the State Department of Finance applied R $ 156,127.69 in fines and tax collections.

For the operation, the Navy assigned the patrol ship “Pampeiro”, which is part of the Northern Naval Patrol Group, based in Belém (PA), as well as vessels from the River Captaincy of Santarém. The team consisted of 49 military personnel and civil servants from the public agencies involved.

Patrol Ship “Pampeiro”

The Patrol Vessel “Pampeiro” was built in 1971, at the Navy Arsenal of Rio de Janeiro, on Cobras Island, following the design of the “Cape” class, of the United States Coast Guard. It is equipped with three 12.7mm (.50 in) machine guns and an 81 mm mortar. It is 28.95 meters long, with a beam of 6.10 m and a draft of 1.9 m.

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