New cadets enter through AMAN's Monumental GateNew cadets enter through AMAN's Monumental Gate

Resende (RJ) – Last Saturday, the Agulhas Negras Military Academy held the traditional ceremony for new cadets to enter through the Monumental Gate. The ceremony marks the beginning of the study cycle for the new class, which will spend four years at the Academy. After entering through the gates, the 407 young men finally become Army cadets. They arrived at AMAN after a year of studies at the Army Cadet Preparatory School in Campinas (SP) and are now part of the 200th anniversary class of Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca.

From the second year onwards, depending on their classification in the class, they will choose their weapon, cadre or service: Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineering, Communications, Ordnance or Intendance. They will then be divided into specific courses and spend another three years dedicated to learning the particularities of their area. The training combines operational military training with academic training. At the end of the course, the cadets produce a scientific paper, at degree level, and are declared aspiring officers.

Started in 1944, the solemnity of passing through the gates reaffirms the commitment to tradition and belief in the Army’s values. This milestone moment in the lives of the young soldiers is accompanied by their friends and families, who cheer together at yet another stage in the training of future combat officers.

In his remarks, the Commandant of the Military Academy, General Vinicius, motivated the cadets to show determination, esprit de corps and camaraderie throughout the four years of training until they reach the rank of officer. “When you pass through the gates of our bicentennial Academy, you will bear the title of cadet; you will join the Corps of Cadets of the Agulhas Negras Military Academy and repeat a gesture made by 596 cadets who entered through the gates on March 20, 1944. A lot has happened to this institution, but its values and beliefs remain intact”.

Emotional, Cadet Lucas carries with him the satisfaction of realizing a long-cherished dream. He attributed the achievement to his family. “During my youth, I saw the Armed Forces from a very distant perspective, precisely because I had no military relatives, but I always admired and sought this path. Today, I pay tribute and gratitude to my parents and my late grandmother, who always dreamed of this moment.”

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